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PresenceTech, established in 2021, is one of the leading Staffing companies in the organized segment. A one-stop provider of Recruitment services to various industries and diverse functional roles, offering IT/Non IT staffing Services, Permanent/ Contractual Deployments. Tailored RPO Model, Digital Marketing solutions, Machine Learning Practice, Web Development ā€“ Designing and Development.

PresenceTech is set on a mission to Deliver Stronger Work force to USA by focusing on its vision of 3 Eā€™s ā€“ Endurance, Employ- ability and Effectiveness.
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We are known for our highly qualified technical team of experts who are passionate towards technology and always offering our clients unmatched quality, responsiveness and flexibility. We work closely with clients to provide consulting and development services for major software technology platforms across industries.

Data Science

Highly efficient services for all industries and technologies.


Our team is highly experienced in the complexities and nuances, of what we have to offer

Data Science

Data Science utilizing Artificial intelligence and Machine learning today aims to automate the mundane activity in everyday work. It has revolutionized various industries by introducing Electronic Virtual Assistants, tools to analyze insights of various professionals like stock traders, healthcare professionals and several others. Professionals of this stature often rely on it as it has proven itself worthy in multiple ways.


As the fastest growing sustainable computing architecture, Presence Tech helps our clients adopt Cloud Computing as a fundamental part of their strategy to limit IT infrastructure and management costs while optimizing the sharing of application and infrastructure resources across multiple organizations.


Our training is designed to bring increased aptitudes to your team as well as provide upskilling of your current and future staff. Partnering with clients of all industries and sizes, we help you gain the full benefit and value of the training.

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